Guest Posts

If you’re interested in writing a guest post on my blog, please read this first.

I get a lot of requests to write guest posts for my blog. I’ve become very selective about the type of guest posts I accept.

I accept two types of guest posts now:

1. Posts that drive leads for one of my products or services. There is no charge for these, as the expectation is they’ll drive lots of traffic to my site, and in turn, leads for one of my products or services.

2. Posts that drive leads for your product or service. These posts are charged depending on the nature of the lead and the value being generated. (E.g., visits, lead magnet, sales, etc.)

In either case:

(a) The post must be relevant to my audience. Please spend some time on my blog to get a sense of the type of content that resonates with my audience. I get emails from folks who say they’ve spent time on the site, but they clearly haven’t. If you haven’t done your homework, please don’t bother.

In general, my audience expects either true thought provokers that push the envelope, or posts that provide very tangible, actionable advice, and in both cases can come away with some real takeaways.

(b) The guest post may contain within its content any links to the guest’s site, content, product, etc. (as target=”_blank”).

(c) The guest author will be clearly credited with a short bio and links to their web/social properties (website, twitter, etc.).

If you’d still like to talk about submitting a guest post, contact me here and be sure to type “Guest Post” in the subject line.