Product Canvas(TM)

Your product strategy — on one page

Product Canvas(TM)

The Product Canvas is a strategic product planning tool that allows you to quickly capture, describe, challenge, and pivot your product strategy on just a single page.

The reality is that traditional business documents — business cases, business plans, MRDs — take too long to write, are seldom updated, and are almost never read by others. But documenting, sharing and getting feedback on your product vision in the early stages of a product is critical.

The Product Canvas solves all these problems via a one-page template that allows you to quickly capture the key components of any product in a structured and concise way, and clearly communicate your vision to stakeholders in a readily understandable format.

Here’s what folks are saying:

“I really like the Product Canvas a lot. It really lays things out in an intuitive way and makes it easier to organize one’s thoughts. I find that it’s a more frictionless version compared to other business model canvases that works great for product managers, and works particularly well in a large organization where one needs to get a lot of buy-in for a new idea.”
– Tony Lizza, Product Manager
The Product Canvas has been the keystone for all I create around it. I can easily modify it as things change and as I want to craft the key messages/sales pitch for the to help with feature and collateral development. I have used it as an outline to help populate my business plan and PRD. I also plan to use this to build out product and feature briefs. I have shared [the Product Canvas with my lead developer, Dir of PM, VP Marketing and the President of the company so far. It was able to clearly tell them what I am working on.
– Jim U’Ren, Product Manager
“The Product Canvas has helped me to identify what are the top customer problems we’re trying to solve, the underlying assumptions in our proposed solution, and what we really need to learn from our customers.
– Irene Elonsalo, Product Manager
I found the Product Canvas to be a great way to focus and present to others the critical elements of a product.
– Chris Young, Online Product Manager
Each iteration of the Product Canvas helped me refine my approach and learn something new. This hands-on approach is the best way to learn and it certainly opened my mind to ways I could improve going forward.”
– Mark Waddoups, Product Marketing Manager
“The Product Canvas gave us a great tool to develop questions to ask our clients. They in turn have been able to provide us with some great data by answering the questions. We’re very confident that this is going to provide us a better opportunity to find us some buyers!!!
– Danny Kafafian, Entrepreneur

Get the Product Canvas for yourself — you’re free to share and remix it

Since writing my post on “Applying Lean Principles to Product Management: How I Document My Product Vision“, over 4,000 product innovators across 75 countries have received a copy of the Product Canvas, and more are requesting it every day.

Plan out your next brilliant product idea, make a presentation, share with your partners or clients!

The Product Canvas comes with the companion guide, Capture Your Product Strategy In Under 20 Minutes, that includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to quickly creating a product canvas for your own product idea.
  • Best practice tips to quickly capture your product vision.
  • 8 tragic mistakes to avoid when formulating product strategy.
  • Real-life examples

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The Product Canvas is available under a creative commons license that allows you to share and adapt it, even for commercial purposes. Just be sure to give appropriate credit (to me), and share your work under a similar license. Here’s the legal info.

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