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Whether you’re in a startup or large enterprise company, if you’re struggling with a thorny product related challenge, I can help.

With over 20 years of product leadership experience I’ve built the product development systems and go-to-market processes necessary to generate record-breaking revenue for companies of all sizes.

Talk to me about:

Creating A Product Strategy and Roadmap
  • Delivering a prioritized product roadmap that drives revenue growth and enables sales execution.
  • Ensuring product development investment is aligned with strategic growth goals.
  • Creating a go-to-market plan to commercialize products.
  • Identifying the right product resources.
Establishing A Product Management Process
  • Ensuring the “voice of the customer” is at the heart of driving the product roadmap.
  • Creating a process for ongoing prioritization and management of the product roadmap.
  • Enabling sales through the creation of bullseye messaging, competitive positioning, and useful sales tools.
  • Driving cross-functional execution across all parts of the organization.
Accelerating and Scaling Product Execution
  • Managing your product team and holding them accountable.
  • Precisely defining goals for product development and roadmap execution.
  • Crafting a product launch steps that fit your company and industry.
  • Developing metrics to measure key product objectives and daily activities.

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